Delicious and simple pickled shrimp

Here I present the special version of shrimp. Pickled shrimp is very simple to cook and amazingly quick recipe. You will use this recipe in sandwiches, salads. I hope you will like its delicious and wonderful taste.

Pink Winter Lemonade

Pink Winter Lemonade

Let's protect ourselves from swine flu. But how? Here is secret. This is also very delicious solution. Lemonade! Why can't we drink lemonade during the winter. I am going to give a very special and healthy, fresh recipe.

Most delicious and fresh sour cherry style “Kisel”

When you deserve dessert you should try "Kisel". This is very light, also natural and healthy. Its attractive colour and fantastic delight makes you happier.

Salted red sea bream

This recipe is very special and fantastic for me. It's like restaurant style fish and very delicious. Beside this directions are very simple. If you try it you'll never forget its taste. I suggest you'll try this fish with "Turkish Rakı" or if you can not find raki, it's also buddy with white wine. Enjoy your meal!