Persimmon milkshake

I really like the color of this fruit that shines like a sun. I also enjoy its bitter taste when it is unripe (I recommend you buy the ripest ones if you are trying it for the first time). When I feel a bit tired or want to store energy before exercising, I prepare this mixture. Winter is coming, it will be cold, if you have family members who are sensitive to cold or who suffer from anemia, remember that its cure is persimmon. If you can find its leaves, they can be used for hair and skin care, it can also be used as a natural cleaning product. I liked this feature but since it is impossible for me to find its leaves now, I’ll be sharing this delicious drink recipe with you to have a winter without any illnesses.

Chestnut Cake

Chestnut is the one of my favorite winter fruits. It reminds me my childhood, the snow and of course the New Year. Sometimes I boil it, sometimes I just cook it in a cast iron skillet and usually I bake it in the oven but I especially like roasted chestnuts. Chestnuts have a hard shell and a soft, melt in the mouth texture on the inside and I really like this taste. And I absolutely want to eat chestnut cake on the New Year’s Day. I like to have a sweet start to the New Year with a slice of chestnut cake with vanilla ice-cream. Enjoy it.

Celeriac and apple soup

Celeriac and apple are now in season and this soup is good for you. Even if you don't like celeriac, give this soup recipe a try, it will be pleasant experience.  Enjoy!

Zucchini pickles

When you put zucchini, onion and spice together you get an aromatic and really delicious flavor and you ask ‘Why haven’t I tried this before?’  You can not only serve it with meat, fish, and all pulses but also you can add it into your salads. Enjoy it!