Chocolate hazelnut bread

With all the hazelnuts and chocolate, this bread tastes incredible; similar to a warm slice of bread slathered with a thick layer of Nutella, or even better. This bread is an excellent addition to any brunch table or perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee or even a cold glass of milk in the afternoon.

Goat’s cheese marinated with fresh herbs

Marinated cheese is simply the best accompaniment to olives, breads, boreks and everything else on the breakfast or brunch table. The cheese gets better as it stands, so make sure to prepare it ahead of time and don’t throw away the olive oil after you finish the cheese, you can use it to marinate more cheese.

Citrus liqueur

Like the persimmon milkshake, I prepared yet another colorful drink recipe, this time, using citrus fruit. Aside from its wonderful taste, I also like this drink for its colorful sight. My favorite spice, ginger, makes this drink taste delicious and highlights the citrus flavour.

Persimmon milkshake

I really like the color of this fruit that shines like a sun. I also enjoy its bitter taste when it is unripe (I recommend you buy the ripest ones if you are trying it for the first time). When I feel a bit tired or want to store energy before exercising, I prepare this mixture. Winter is coming, it will be cold, if you have family members who are sensitive to cold or who suffer from anemia, remember that its cure is persimmon. If you can find its leaves, they can be used for hair and skin care, it can also be used as a natural cleaning product. I liked this feature but since it is impossible for me to find its leaves now, I’ll be sharing this delicious drink recipe with you to have a winter without any illnesses.

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