Avocado Ice Cream

avokadolu dondurma

This ice cream recipe is not just for hot summer. You can not give up to eat whole year. Because it has wonderful colour, and great taste. I'll add lemon and vanilla for magical taste. This recipe is very practical because I can't use cream freezer. It is very delicious recipe for you and your kids.


  • 1 avocado (choose mellow),
  • 1 glass of milk,
  • 4 tablespoon sugar,
  • Juise of one lemon,
  • Peel of lemon,
  • 1 vanilla stick.


  • Put lemon juice, lemon peels, vanilla peels and seeds into a sauce pan. boil until sugar is melt.
  • Then put this simple syrup into bowl and wait until it get cool.
  •  When it was cool take out vanilla peels and peeled avocado and the milk.
  • Whisk mixture with belender until it become smooth. It's smoothy depends on how much you whisk it.

  • Transfer the ice cream into a pan then put it into deep freeze.After half an hour whisk the ice cream for 5 minutes with belender. then put it back to deep freeze. repeat this step three times. But while you can stir ice cream use wood spoon. Finally keep it in the cold for several hours.  Enjoy your meal.




#7 Corina 19-06-2011 18:55
I've just got an ice cream maker and think this would work really well in it. I love trying new and unusual flavours.
#6 Cindy Waffles 29-08-2010 22:00
Avocado ice cream sounds delicious! I will have to try this out.
#5 Squeaky Gourmet 25-08-2010 14:51
I will be trying my own version of ice cream using an avocado as well very soon!
#4 dokuzunucubulut 22-08-2010 16:55
Norma- Don't wait too much make ice cream with your avocados. You like it too much.

#3 dokuzunucubulut 22-08-2010 16:54
belinda- it is perfect I strongly recommend you to make this ice cream.

#2 norma823 22-08-2010 16:47
This is such a great idea. Who would think of avocado ice cream. Thank you so much for this recipe. I have two avocados screaming at me to do something with them.
#1 belinda@zomppa.com 22-08-2010 15:51
I'm totally fascinated by this. Have never tried avocado ice cream before!
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