Wonderful homemade yoghurt

Wonderful homemade yoghurt

Here I'd like to advice you natural and homemade yoghurt. This recipe is very simple. If you apply tips which I wrote there you will produce simply. At the end you can reach very delicious and healthy yoghurt.



  • 1 lt. milk
  • 1 table spoon yoghurt



  • Boil milk in steel saucepan. When boiling milk stir about 5-10 minutes. Then transfer milk to the pot.
  • When drench your finger into milk wait for 7 seconds. And if your finger resist for its heat it's ok.
  • In another pot stir yoghurt and warm milk. Add this mixture to your yeast slowly. [Be careful to not spoil clotted cream]
  • Important tip: Cover yeasted milk with strainer. Cover strainer with towel.



  • Finally to protect the yeasted milk's heat wrap all around with blanket.
  • After 5-6 hours open and put into refrigerator. Finally stay 5-6 hours again in refrigerator and serve it. 



Important Points:

  • For yeasting you can use earthenware pot or if you do not have, also use glass or porcelain pot.
  • If you prepare at the nightfall It will be ready until morning.
  • I prefer you to use farm milk rather than pasteurized milk.


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#3 mina 22-03-2010 14:21
I too make yogurt at home and love the taste very much. My blog http://givemesomespice.blogspot.com has the recipe for Shrikand which you can make out of homemade yogurt. Hope that you will check it out.

#2 dokuzuncubulut 11-03-2010 11:34
Hi Citron Vanille,
We are using 1 tablespoon yoghurt as a yeast. We are not use yeast. Milk became yeasted after you add yoghurt into it. This is Turkish style. After you will try, post me please.
#1 Citron & Vanille 11-03-2010 07:13
That is a great creamy yogurt! beautiful. You are more brave than I am, I used a yogurt maker. I will have to try your method, it's seems like the real one. Do you use yeast? you talked about "yeasted milk"
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