Potato bread

patato bread dokuzuncubulut

In our house, bread is not eaten often, except for breakfast. Especially at dinner, it doesn’t have a place on the table. But I love to bake bread and don’t use a machine; I bake it in my oven.  Since Christmas is approaching, I thought I would post a simple bread recipe. I bake these potato breads for the weekend-breakfasts or when I have guests for dinner. These little breads look so cute because of their size, at the same time, they look very elegant. Furthermore with these easy to bake breads, you can mix the dough one or two days before and bake right before dinner and serve. You can also warm the leftover buns in the oven later. If you have little kids who bring lunch to school, they’ll love this. I prepared the breads really plain, the way that anyone would love. You can make them for your own taste. Enjoy!